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Date: November 29, 2009 Review by: Simon Tay

After jail breaking my iPhone, the first thing I did was to customize my iPhone however not many themes are actually suitable for me or simply too “artistic” for me. I search and discovered the iPhone craze on iNav themes that uses shortcuts & ways to categorize the massive collections of apps icons on my iPhone.

Then I discovered this theme! It’s the Official theme that I love very much!

The user interface (UI) is very professionally made & makes my phone more functional as a phone to quickly find apps that I want to use quickly within 3 “touch” instead of scrolling pages & pages of apps.

The instructions are found in the discussion forum at but I’m going to add in stuff so I will duplicate the instructions here with new additions.

NOTE: This theme is for people who had jail broken their iPhone or iPod Touch so people who are not going to jailbreak your iPhone, I’m sorry you can’t get it.


Bluemetal for writing the instructions below (for me to add more stuff)
RSS-Reader: kudos to beanx for programming this fantastic widget!
Weather/time/date widgets: i forgot and modified it so much
Weather icon graphics: HTC


  • a RSS-Reader on homescreen. Pressing the arrow opens your favorite newspage, set to modmyi by default
  • a weather, date and time widgets
  • a springjumps-bar at the top with darker buttons when pressed
  • a homebutton on the bottom right
  • works with any icons set


  1. install “FiveIRows“, “Five-Column Springboard” and “Five Icon Dock” from Cydia.
  2. install “springjumps“. Enable in the springjumps-settings Springjump Nr. 0 – 6. Download my “New Springjumps“, unzip and copy all this folders to “/applications” on your iphone, then respring (Note: I see the application folder as /private/var/stash/Applications.MCnD4S)
  3. install “BlankNull” and “iBlank” for some blank icons we need (about 20 or 30)
  4. Copy my theme to your themes folder and enable it in Winterboard (Make sure its the first theme in line)
  5. Go to my theme (modmyi v. and backup & remove (!) the “icons” Folder, so placing the icons now is much much easier ! (if not the springjumps icons will be invisible!)
  6. Look at the following screenshots below and place all springjumps and icons like i did. Fill the spaces with blank iconsarrangeIMG_1115IMG_1116
  7. Open the modmyi homepage ( with safari, save the page to your home screen and NAME IT “RSS“. After a respring this icon is tranparent, position it over the orange arrow
  8. Now copy the “icons” folder back to my theme folder on the iphone and respring and the “springjumps” icons will become transparent. Delete blank icons you don´t
  9. If you use stacks version 2 replace the default stack icons in “/Library/MobileStack”. You must rename my icons to “stack_drawer_button_single.png” (closed Icon) und “stack_drawer_button.png” (open icon).If you use stack v3 (alpha version , not on cydia) open “/applications/ stack app/” and replace the icons “icon_closed.png” and “icon_b.png” with mine.


  1. Go with a Browser to this webpage: Yahoo! Weather
  2. Search for your hometown, then open “Extended Forecast”
  3. Look a the topbar of the browser an you´ll find a adress like that: “http://weather….USNY0176….” (For Singapore is
  4. Now this is for example the Weather code that we need: SNXX0006
  5. Now on iPhone go to /Library/themes/modmyi.theme /Private/WeatherWidget/private/ and open the “configureMe.js” file with a text Editor (“Editor” for Windows).
    Change this code “SNXX0006” to your hometown-code, save it and copy the file back in the folder. You can also do this directly on you iphone with “iFile”
  6. Update interval: It is set to 60 minutes. Change it in the last line of the “configureme.js”-textfile
  7. Change to Celsius: look in the “configureMe.js” for this: “Farenheitvar isCelsius = false” and change it to “true”

24 hours clock and other languages
replace the widget.html in theme with the attached. It will change your clock to 24 hours and the date to German. You´ll find something like “Montag” for monday and and “Januar” for January. Simply override the german months and days with your native language.

RSS Setup:
go to:/Library/Themes/modmyi.theme/widget.html and open it with for example “Editor” for windows. You´ll find a line like …cssfeed.addFeed(“CNN Top Stories”, “http:..bla bla bla”. Change only this marked text to a rss feed of your choice, save it and copy the widget.html back to my theme.

If you want the clock on the Status Bar back download this info.plist and unzip it and ssh it to “/private/var/stash/Themes.Rwrb99/modmyi v. 1.3.theme”

This basically fix the time from disappearing from the top status bar on the iphone. What I did is simple I added the following “bolded” codes in the info.plist as shown below


Customize the pop up image

So this is a Popup windows, name it “UIPopupAlertSheetBackground.png” and copy it in the “UIImages” folder and respring:
(/private/var/stash/Themes.Rwrb99/modmyi v. 1.3.theme/UIImages)

Ok For Making more stacks version 3 to look more like folders do

  1. Go to your /Applications folder (/private/var/stash/Applications.MCnD4S) via SSH and download
  2. Open up that folder ( in your SSH software (mine is Filezilla) you will find this “info.plist”
  3. Use a text editor to open “info.plist”
  4. Find this word “com.steventroughtonsmith.stackdummy6” and increase the number for new stack for example 7 is “com.steventroughtonsmith.stackdummy7”
  5. Then rename that stack as “”
  6. Download my personally created icons for stacks then rename the chosen one as “icon_b.png” and then replace the old ones in the folder
  7. Upload the new into the /Application folder and repeat.
  8. You can create unlimited numbers of stacks but it’s very painful to drag & drop app around lots of stacks! 😀

Last but not least I used illumine theme in the winterboard for the fantastic application icons that is slightly smaller but suitable for the 5 column & 5 row view, get it from cydia. Makes sure it’s below “modmyi v. 1.3” theme

Download List

  1. 24 hours widget
  2. More Dock Icons
  3. New Springjumps
  4. New Stack Icons
  5. PSD Template Modmyi 1.3
  6. modmyi v. 1.3 GERMAN.theme
  7. modmyi v.
  8. illumine icon template PSD file (use photoshop to open)
  9. My Personal Stack Icons made by Simon Tay

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Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only

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