OnGuardHelp App Review

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Date: October 7, 2014 Review by: Anderson

Seller: Guardian Help Inc.

These days, there is an app for everything, which can vary from navigating the health care system, searching for local shopping deals and dining at a restaurants. Even an app to enhance your regular workout regime. Therefore, if we think about a personal safety app, OnGuardHelp app tops the chart of the most effective method to get help in the quickest possible way, with just a single touch on the screen of your smartphone.

This app was developed by Guardian Help, INC, with the aim of saving lives and helping individuals be more secure wherever they are. The app is available free of cost on App Store. Download the premium APP at for the full array of emergency services

OnGuardHelp App

The main feature of this app is OnGuard Talk and OnGuard Silent. Here is how the main function of this app works:

Whenever you are in a situation, where you might feel unsafe, like walking towards your car alone in the parking area, you can activate the OnGuardHelp app so that if in case you are concerned or feel unsafe, you can easily tap the OnGuardHelp button. The app connects your call with the OnGuardHelp crisis monitoring team and an agent responds to your call and can listen to what is happening currently and track your location via real time GPS from your Smartphone, then they can instantly convey the whole situation to first responders for quick action. It means instead of dialing 911 and trying to explain your crisis and LOCATION, you need only to tap the icon on the app screen. OnGuard Silent plays a vital role in case a user cannot utter a single word, tipping off their assailant, so with just a single tap they can send an alert to the crisis management agent which has all their information and can send first responders directly to their location.

Thus, after downloading OnGuardHelp app, your iOS device will act as your personal bodyguard and help you to tackle any emergency situation in a quicker and smarter way.

Category: Lifestyle
Type: Universal App
Seller: Guardian Help Inc.

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: October 7, 2014 Report)
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