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Date: December 4, 2010 Review by: danielstoen

Seller: Silk Outsourcing Private Limited

Hi! I am pretty new at this, but a friend told me about your site, and I thought that I should check it out!

A friend and I just initiated an App, it is called SMSTimer! With this app you can write an sms right now, and program it to be sent at a later time! This can save you from forgetting birthdays, wedding days and so on. It works all over the world, and you use your own network provider.

And you can also sync it with Facebook, then you get all your friends birthdays in your app!

Have you ever forgotten to send a birthday message to a friend or a relative? Ever needed to remind your colleagues about an important meeting at a specific time and date? This app, SMS Timer, will help you to plan ahead and save time. The essential app for busy people who want to be more organized.

With this app you can schedule when you would like an sms to be sent. Simply type in your text now, add the receiver and schedule the sms to be sent a week or even a year from now! Set and forget.

Never forget a birthday again! Schedule all your friends’ birthdays today and the SMS Timer will send the sms at the scheduled time and date! If you don’t know / remember when their birthdays are – simply synchronize with Facebook to receive all your contacts birthdays.

*At work*
Be sure your colleagues will attend your meeting! Schedule an sms to be sent a couple of hours before the meeting starts. Let’s say you arrange a meeting in the next week or month …wouldn’t it be nice to remind the attendees what to bring and when to show up, just a couple of hours in advance?

You have the option to cancel your sms at any point prior to the scheduled time and date. When the scheduled time and date rolls around we will alert you and you’ll need to confirm you still want to send the message. This simple and intuitive double check mechanism ensures you only sending messages that are still relevant.

Start being the one who always remembers with this must-have-app! SMSTimer is initiated by Pocket Rockets and developed by Silk Outsourcing.

The app requires iOS4 or higher.

Category: Lifestyle
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: Silk Outsourcing Private Limited

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: December 4, 2010 Report)
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