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Date: May 8, 2012 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Heavy Bits, Inc

Snapguide is a simple, beautiful way to share and view step-by-step how to guides.

Discover new things to cook, build, wear, play and more.

Create your own guides and share what you love making with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Discuss your interests with other people who share your passions.


  1. Really useful when you can comment or chat with the owner of the author of each step by step guide! Especially you have questions with their guide!
  2. Easily create simple step-by-step how to guides using just your iPhone, upload photograph & 60 seconds video per step!
  3. Extremely fluid & simple to understand user interface makes this application idiot proof!
  4. This application creates a community of guide creators, followers that uses similar concept as twitter that can form new friends through these interesting guides!
  5. Ability to edit your own existing guide to clarify more details after it’s created!
  6. Sharing to social network like facebook, twitter & even pinterest!

Cons for version 1.0.3

  1. Currently don’t have a full list of guides based on categories, I wish the developer can check out how create their category listing and add more to it so that anyone can find the complete list of guides much more systematically.
  2. I noticed that I can check out users’ facebook via their profile which makes it a little concerning on privacy, I hope there’s a setting to allow facebook & twitter integration just for finding friends but not exposing to everyone your facebook & twitter openly yet preserving the ability to chat/comment within Snapguide and find friends within facebook & twitter who have snapguide app.
  3. I hope google+ can open up their API for applications like this to share to google+ in the future, but in the mean time Facebook, twitter & pinterest are sufficient for now.
  4. I want a iPad version that can view in landscape!
  5. I’m wondering how snapguide make money by being free at the moment, I’m thinking partnering up with google adsense to pull keywords from the “supplies” list and display relevant advertisements. Maybe they can pool all the list of supplies item names & let advertisers come in and select supplies names that match their product and put hyperlink within the items name in the supplies list to a list of “resource” on where you can buy the items online…or offline (based on location set by user).

So far I had that impulse urge to try out all the yummy recipes I find in Snapguide that I literary rush out to the biggest supermarket and spent money on things I have no idea what they are previously hahaha.

That is the power of this application, to inspire & motivate you to get things done, cook right and solve problems by learning from others! 😀

Snapguide is currently free hence is a must have for anyone who loves cooking, DIY, read simple how to guides and do things the amazing way! Go get this app now!

Category: Lifestyle
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: Heavy Bits, Inc

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: May 8, 2012 Report)
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