SoundBox for YouTube v2.2 – Amazing Music Player using YouTube! – Video Review!

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Date: July 16, 2012 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: WebMynx Technologies

Soundbox now comes with support for mixed playlists using your YouTube library and your iPod library.

YouTube has transformed the music industry, with an infinite amount of free music. Soundbox transforms the way you listen to music on your iPad.


  1. Access and collect music from the largest music libraries in the world – YouTube
  2. Create playlists using YouTube videos and iPod songs. Autoplay videos. Shuffle and Repeat
  3. Organize music videos by Song/Artist/Album
  4. Imports your entire iPod library into Soundbox for easy access
  5. Share the song you’re listening to on Facebook
  6. Browse the web. Yes! We built a browser right into the media player, so that you control your music even while you surf
  7. Ability to use the application in landscape mode


  1. You need internet to use SoundBox, I hope the developer consider adding the feature to download YouTube videos into the iPad for Offline play
  2. If you use 3G/4G data plan, SoundBox will consume lot’s of data so be aware of that and only use in WIFI zone! I hope the developer put up a warning that you are using 3G/4G internet connection and may consume high data when user activate the app
  3. I hope the developer add the feature to add youtube videos directly to existing playlist so that you can skip one step
  4. When you are adding songs to playlist, the search seems to be buggy (v2.2) and there’s no sorting of name, artist or album making it hard to find the songs I want in my music library.
  5. You can’t play the music at the background when you close the app, the app have to remain open in order to listen to the music.
  6. There are no iPhone version
  7. You can’t subscribe to youtube channels and automatically get videos by that channel however I understand the limitation
  8. If the video uploader from YouTube decided to take down the video, your favorite song will disappear

SoundBox is a powerful application that is one of those app that I feel excited to use daily however the user have to be aware of it’s limitation such as being a data consuming monster! So be sure to only use this app in WIFI internet connection and not in 3G/4G network.

Regardless it’s limitation, it’s a wonderful music player.

One feature I want is the ability to add my own videos (mp4) into the playlist as well 😀

A pretty neat app and hopefully more improvement to come! 😀

Category: Music
Type: iPad Only
Seller: WebMynx Technologies

Price for iPad: $1.99 (As of: Report)
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