Bongiorno – Good Morning!

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Date: December 18, 2011 Review by: APPricot

Seller: Faqden Labs Pvt Ltd.

Bongiorno is one of those applications which can help you to get daily updates! It includes news, weather, tweets, and alarm. The application will display different background images as per your weather and time conditions on home screen.

The same team, who developed popular apps like IntelliVocab and TrailHead, brings you a news reader app with inbuilt twitter, weather, and alarm functionality for organizing your morning.

News: You can read news just by clicking on news icon from home screen. You can add new category as well as new news source for any category from the setting screen. You need to add RSS feed for adding new news source. You can select and unselect different category from the news settings. You can also delete any particular category.

Weather: You can see the weather of user’s current location just by clicking on weather button! You can also get the weather forecasting information of the current location. You can add different locations from the setting screen. For adding weather of different location, you need to enter either city or zip code of that location. Once you add a new location, you will be able to see the weather condition of that location from home screen by swiping the screen. You can even delete any particular location and also can change your current location from setting screen.

Twitter : You can read all tweets by clicking on Twitter button in home screen as well as in the news screen.

SleepMode : You can go into sleep mode by clicking on sleep Icon. Sleepmode will display your current time along with the time zone.

Category: News
Type: iPad Only
Seller: Faqden Labs Pvt Ltd.

Price for iPad: Free (As of: Report)
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