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Date: November 18, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Jamawkinaw Enterprises

Download and listen to your favorite podcasts directly from your iOS device without the need to sync with iTunes.


  1. Search, subscribe to and download audio and video podcasts of any size
  2. Video and audio AirPlay support
  3. Manually subscribe to podcasts via URL
  4. Download podcasts automatically (including resuming downloads)
  5. Download podcasts in the background (for supported devices)
  6. Browse and download older podcast episodes
  7. Auto-update podcasts
  8. Settings for auto-download and episode retention (globally and per-podcast)
  9. Import podcast feeds via OMPL
  10. Export podcasts and OPML files to your computer and other 3rd party apps
  11. Support for password-protected feeds
  12. Play audio in the background (for supported devices)
  13. .5x, 1x, 1.25, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x, 2.5x, 2.75x and 3x speed playback
  14. Chapters support for enhanced podcasts
  15. Stream episodes without downloading
  16. Control audio with Bluetooth or other headphone remote controls
  17. Create and edit “smart” playlists
  18. View podcast details and episode show notes
  19. View embedded images in podcast episodes
  20. Rename podcasts with long or unwieldy names
  21. Gesture support
  22. Integrated help
  23. Sleep timer
  24. Universal App – it can be used on both iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad!


  1. If you have a smaller capacity iPhone or iPad, do note downloads does take up hard disk space. Manage the download well & keep listening to clear old podcast automatically or set your settings properly to save more space 😀
  2. I wish downcast add subcategories that iTunes have such as Technology – All, Technology – Gadgets, Technology – Software How To, Technology – Tech News & etc

Overall, this app is a must have for fans of podcasts that almost provide as much content as youtube does! Just search for your favorite podcast & add them! 😀

Category: News
Type: Universal App
Seller: Jamawkinaw Enterprises

Price for iPhone: $1.99 (As of: November 18, 2011 Report)
Click here to link to Apple AppStore

Price for iPad: $1.99 (As of: November 18, 2011 Report)
Click here to link to Apple AppStore

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