iPad 2 Selling in Singapore On 29th April 2011!

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Date: April 28, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Apple

Singapore is going to be releasing iPad 2 & iPhone 4 White by tomorrow 29th April 2011.

The iPad 2 will be available for a suggested retail price of

  1. S$668 for the 16GB model
  2. S$798 for the 32GB model
  3. S$928 for the 64GB model.

The Wi-Fi + 3G model will be available for a suggested retail price of

  1. S$848 for the 16GB model
  2. S$978 for the 32GB model
  3. S$1108 for the 64GB model.

And where can you buy the iPad 2?

  1. Apple Resellers
  2. Apple Online Store
  3. Apple Authorised Campus Store

Overall, this release will probably be as popular at the release of iPad 1 where queues are spotted everywhere…but is it wise to queue?

It depends on how much you want it to be in your hands, if you buy from on site you get it tomorrow 9am + few hours…if you can wait in the steamy humid weather of Singapore overnight if the air-con of the location don’t work.

For those who can wait a week or two (7 to 10 days), order online and then order your maid to wait for it at home…haha (I don’t have a maid…so I probably queue)

Seller: Apple

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