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Date: February 24, 2014 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Itseez, Inc.

Today I’m reviewing this amazing face portrait enhancing application name “FacePlus” by Itseez, Inc.

The developer are kind enough to provide an promo code for the FIRST person to use it so be quick!!

Promo code: PHX7JEXJMRH7

The difference between this application and other free portrait enhancing applications are the fact that you can do more than smoothen your face but also edit only the face area instead of the whole photograph.

If you had use some other applications previously, you will notice how pixelated the background are but with FacePlus you don’t have this problem.

Some of the features of FacePlus

• Makes eyes more expressive
• Enhances contrast of eyebrows and mouth if needed
• Cleans skin, removes spots and blemishes
• Removes wrinkles and make face younger
• Improves skin tone
• Improves face contrast

Type: Universal App
Seller: Itseez, Inc.

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: February 24, 2014 Report)
Click here to link to Apple AppStore

Price for iPad: $0.99 (As of: February 24, 2014 Report)
Click here to link to Apple AppStore

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