KLIK by Face.com – Facial Recognition Tagging! Video App Review

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Date: May 24, 2012 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Face.com Inc.

KLIK is a camera app that uses face recognition to let you quickly tag your Facebook friends in real-time.

★ Note: KLIK requires a Facebook account, and iOS 4.3 or above.

Fire up KLIK and watch as your friends’ names instantly appear next to their faces before or after you snap a photo.
If KLIK doesn’t recognize a face use the new “Learn” mode to train and improve recognition.
Enhance your photos with our Face Filters, specifically focused on making faces appear better in photos.

When you’re not taking photos, check out the feeds for nearby, friend and your photos


  1. Quick facial recognition quickly helps you tag your photograph before uploading to facebook!
  2. Able to learn facial features in real time and improve on the accuracy for future facial recognition of the same face.
  3. Fast labeling your name on to the photograph if sharing to twitter or email
  4. Share your photograph to Klik’s own social database and be seen by others using the nearby option to see photographs that’s near you
  5. Able to “heart” and comment to photographs
  6. Find out the facebook or twitter account of users of KLIK and know more friends.


  1. Facial recognition using by uploading from photo album does not always work well hence still the need to tag the photograph the usual way but it’s still faster then using the facebook application
  2. The Nearby option give stalkers a very good tool to stalk nearby people of “interest” and even give them a way to connect to their facebook or twitter account. I hope the developer can give users a privacy setting to hide their facebook or twitter account from prying eyes as a option.
  3. I wish the developer also give users a way to block or hide from a particular user if he/she discovered to be a nuisance or someone they don’t want to reveal to like a colleagues or boss
  4. If you share too many photographs with location, the nearby option will be filled with photographs of your own LOL
  5. I wish the there is a way to search for photographs of different locations
  6. I hope to search by keywords for photographs placed by the user and I will put my photograph keywords as “single” and “available”. hehe
  7. I hope to see a streaming of the latest photographs submitted not just nearby photographs as there are many photographs that don’t have location.

Overall, this application feels a relatively well done except for some key features still missing to be a complete social network on it’s on but now it’s primary purpose is to use it’s facial recognition to tag photograph more efficiently is one advantage over the facebook app.

If facebook managed to improve on their own facebook application to integrate facial recognition then KLIK may lose it’s competitive advantage and becomes another distributor of images to facebook, twitter, KLIK public or email to friends.

However, as a free application currently it’s probably hoping to be bought by facebook and make a quick windfall! 😀

So far it’s still worth looking into this application and try it out to see if it helps you on tagging your friends in facebook much faster using the iPhone as it’s free however for “instagram” & “Path” users it may be one more application in your “photography” folder(S). hehe.

Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: Face.com Inc.

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: May 24, 2012 Report)
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