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Date: November 23, 2013 Review by: iPhomemaniac

Seller: Juiko Ong

Kids love drawing and now parents can offer them super addictive drawing app Pinchboard that is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on  iOS 6.0 or later.  This children’s oriented art app gives kids of any age the chance to get into the drawing world by creating amazing paintings with ease. Users can also insert photos, shapes and other things to create pictures for art. Users are can even zoom in and do better with precise drawing. The drawings can also have text inserted. The app’s tools range from those easy enough for a toddler to utilize, to more advanced techniques that challenge young users to draw in the lines themselves.

Pinchboard gives the power to create, save and share as many different pictures as they could, edit drawings via intuitive touch based tools and add in text, photos and more on demand from anywhere. The app provides a vast visual creation platform without any of the associated hassle and nothing less. App is extremely ease in use and requires easy  steps. First, choose a background. Second, pick a drawing tool and draw. Three, share your drawing on Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo or via email.

Pinchboard is an app that features various simple drawing & color-in features. The app also incorporates 8 different backgrounds to choose from coloring modes, and 11 different drawing tools to keep things fresh for users as well. The application also features an zoomer tool that allows users to  zoom specific portions of their drawing. If young artists want to share all their works they can easily share it via Twitter, Facebook and social sites, it couldn’t be simpler.


Category: Productivity
Type: Universal App
Seller: Juiko Ong

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: November 23, 2013 Report)
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Price for iPad: $0.99 (As of: November 23, 2013 Report)
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