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Date: July 27, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Apple Inc.


  1. General usage feels smoother & speedier
  2. Nice new gestures controls (I actually ran out to buy a track pad!)
  3. Launchpad feels like my iPad!
  4. SOOOO many NEW Features!
  5. It’s just USD $29.99!!
  6. Sweet full screen and resizing edges! 😀


  1. Initially you may experience a slowing down after installation, that’s because the search “spotlight” is re-indexing your whole computer. Let it run until it stops & you will feel much faster after that.
  2. Java not pre-installed, you need to download Java from Apple after installation so that you can run Adobe Photoshop and more.
  3. Many people experienced long download time
  4. No more “Front Row” unless you install it separately
  5. Mouse scroll wheel movement got inverted, but you can set it back if you don’t use track pad that often. (Give it a few days you will get used to the inverted scroll wheel)
  6. Some Applications are not compatible with Mac OS X Lion hence check if your most crucial apps works or not before installing.
  7. Some experienced overheating but disabling Time Machine auto backup solved it temporary (Not confirmed but anyone can feedback?)
  8. Some hand gestures only work in Safari browser.
  9. Some may need to remove “boot camp” partition (NTFS format) using DiskUtility & make the whole drive Mac OS Extended (Journaled) in order to install Lion.
  10. You don’t have a physical DVD/CD to reinstall Lion but you can reinstall via ONLINE which not many had NEVER done it before hence may cause some fear & anxiety. (Probably only for new mac hardwares not sure…check with apple)

Overall, Mac OS X Lion upgrade feels like it does not “works 100% out of the box” but you don’t have to worry too much because the mac communities are very friendly bunch that can help you along in many forums online.

Just makes sure the upgrade don’t affect your old software in terms of compatibility & you have a back up device connected to the internet just in case you need some assistance or instructions.

Many experienced long download time at first because it’s just launched and everyone in the world is downloading it at the same time on the 20th July 2011.

I believe it will be much faster a few days after that as the server get less congested.

Below is the link to the MacStore to get OS X 10.7 Lion!

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Tip: Do make a thumb drive backup for the installation of OS X 10.7 immediately after purchase! It helped me revert back to 10.7 after some faulty beta updates.

Category: Productivity
Type: Mac Only
Seller: Apple Inc.

Price for Mac: $29.99 (As of: Report)

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