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Date: September 8, 2009 Review by: kylebuttress

The File Locker
The File Locker

Do you have files on your iPhone that you’d like to keep safely locked away from prying eyes? Or files that you want to store in one location? On my phone I would like to lock up things that I don’t want my children to see (or read)– Birthday gift lists, pictures I took at Costco of toy ideas for Christmas, that sort of thing.

File Locker gives you a place to store files from your iPhone. You can transfer the files to the app by taking a picture, grabbing a file from your photo library or through a web URL. All you have to do to add files is tap the plus sign and choose where your file is coming from. Give it a name and there you go. Once you have multiple files saved you can sort them alphabetically, by type or by date.

When I got back to the file list the saved file was there though. It’d be nice if the app would automatically return you to this screen once your file was saved. I also couldn’t find a way to go back and edit a file name. I had a typo in one I created and could have used an edit button.

* Some future updates he has planned. Included are: the ability to add your own text note, pinch and zoom for images, copy and paste, adding additional file types, wi-fi transfer and folders and categories.  All sound like great additions to me!

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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The File Locker Access Code

The File Locker Access Code

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