TotalFinder – brings tabs to your native Finder & more!! (CONTEST IS OVER)

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Date: February 23, 2012 Review by: Simon Tay


TotalFinder loads into Finder and improves it by adding several useful features: tabs, dual panel, folders on top and more useful features.



Dual panel

Folders on Top


  1. This Mac app definitely made it so much pleasurable to use OSX if you had switched from windows recently!
  2. All these features increases the productivity using mac!
  3. It should be incorporated into the new OSX!
  4. The ability to “Cut & Paste” should be COMPULSORY for OSX but it’s great TotalFinder added that feature!


  1. I hope the developers can add buttons for all the features to TotalFinder to make it easier for those not comfortable for keyboard shortcuts
  2. The price is a little expensive but it’s well worth it!

Overall, this mac app is one of the best add on plugin for mac that improves my day to day work doing reviews! Highly recommended to anyone using Mac OSX Snow Leopard or Lion! 😀

Price : $18.00 for a single license and $36 for 3-license Pack

For more information, go to for the details!


BinaryAge had given me 3 license to TotalFinder which I had taken one for myself and decided to give away the rest of the 2 licenses!

The question is :

What is the web address of the blip showpage for

ALL  contestant will need to email me at your NAME & Answer.

The First TWO person who sent me the email will be the winner and the license  for TotalFinder (for Mac OSX) will be sent to you immediately. 😀

Congratulation to the fellow winners below!

  1. Christopher Rizzo
  2. Zack D

The correct answer is where you can subscribe & watch all 109 videos right there! 😀

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Type: Mac Only

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