Rules for my Facebook Group

I need everyone to know that I take rules for my Facebook group quite seriously and routinely kick & ban people who do not follow the rules.

Remember, if I or my admins kick you by mistakes or you simply want to come back into the group…please contact me & promise never to do the violation of the rules again. (Repeated violation will be permanent ban)

Here’s a link to appeal to be unbanned by admins

Here’s a short list of the rules.

  1. Follow the Facebook own community standard – these rules are set by Facebook and not by me but if there are too many violation, the whole group might just disappear.
  2. No SPAM – spam consist of unrelated contents that are not welcomed in the group which include not withstanding Free Gems links, hacks, advertisement of unrelated products, get rich quick scams, pornography and ANYTHING THAT NEED INVITE CODES.
  3. No points earning links that promote spamming, e.g. FREEMYAPP, APPBOUNTY and etc You are more than welcome to make a video that is NOT points earning but related to the topic of the group but at the end add those points earning “call to action”.
  4.  No violent, hate, racist, terrorist, gruesome and scary posts which cause social disturbance between members
  5. No trading of accounts of Clash of Clans which are against the terms of service for Supercell, Apple or Google.
  6. Any SCAMS or phishing activity for any passwords or any valuable like credit card information or secret questions & answers of accounts will result in Permanent ban without ability to return.
  7. Strictly no selling of gems

The rules above are to maintain the sanity of the group so that the members can enjoy the group with a peace of mind.