TalkBox Voice Messenger for iPhone

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Date: February 20, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Green Tomato Limited

TalkBox is sending messages with your voice. It’s an application dedicated to saving you the trouble of typing and to getting your messages across FAST!

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  1. MESSAGING MADE FAST: Talk the message and get it delivered instantly. No more typing hassle; no more uploading and downloading voice notes. TalkBox instant push-to-talk messaging saves your time.
  2. EMOTIONS DELIVERED FAST: Let your friends feel more with your talking. EXPRESS emotions faster than any emoticon does.
  3. PASTE YOUR VOICE ON FACEBOOK FAST: Yell it, shout it and get it posted on FB. Your friends are desperate to HEAR from you.
  4. FAST YET CONSIDERATE: No obligation to reply right away. Enjoy the gratifying delay and listen back to the messages whenever you want.
  5. Push-to-talk instant voice messaging with your friends
  6. Group Conversation – talking among multiple friends. Invite new friends into a chat anytime.
  7. Location Sharing – Send your location to your friend directly.
  8. Facebook-connect – Sync your TalkBox friend list with your Facebook friend list. All your Facebook friends who has joined TalkBox will be automatically available for chatting.
  9. Push Notification to let you know any incoming messages anytime
  10. Conversation History
  11. As long as there is internet connection and TalkBox installed, no matter where your friends are based, you can TalkBox as much as you like, for free.
  12. Use Facebook Connect to add friends easily.
  13. Whether TalkBox is opened or not, push notifications will let you know new messages have come in.
  14. Geo-tag your conversation to send messages with your current location.
  15. Add friends and create your groups. Group chat is only one click away.


  1. Able to invite friends via user name making it more “social” friendly without giving out your email contact when chatting with strangers
  2. Voice can be much easier than typing for some…
  3. up to 7 person in a group chat…but each have their chance to voice their opinions instantly with “saved” recording history
  4. You can fast forward a voice messages by dragging the balloon box
  5. You can mass broadcast to all your contacts voice messages easily…
  6. Very simple & clean, userfriendly

Cons or problems faced

  1. Long voice messages may be distorted when the receiving party does not have a good internet connection (need to find ways to counter distortion)
  2. If speaking through the earphone’s microphone, the voice sounded far away as if it’s not working hmm
  3. If two or more iOS devices installed the application with the same account, the connection will be constantly disrupted due to the fact that the disconnected device will keep trying to connect until one party unlink the device from the app
  4. When you unlinked the device from that app, you cannot simply press the “home button” to “safely close” the app as it is still running at the background. (Recommend to have a button to quit the app from the background OR set it to quit automatically from the background 😀
  5. There should be “forget password” & “reset/change password” option just in case someone hacked that account & lock you out and you can get back that account via email.
  6. Push notification of other application such as facebook or twitter can disrupt the recording of the voice messages, maybe a “Rec” & “Stop” button will be better? Not sure
  7. The app turns on GPS “location” on even without you setting it on in the main setting when you share your location with a voice recording does it mean it’s ON or OFF…or did it Fully utilized the GPS or just using the WIFI assisted GPS? The results of the geo-location map sometimes can be inaccurate because of that…my location jumps around in the map but I cannot confirm that, anyone used it please comment below if the GPS is accurate or not when you turn the GPS location off at the main setting.
  8. So far this is a iPhone to iPhone ONLY voice messaging application and if the developer(s) wants this application to be a success, it must work in other mobile platforms or at least one other platform such as desktops
  9. There are no custom themes 😀
  10. There are no option to “unfollow” to temporary or permanently filter messages or spams from that individual such as sales marketing people
  11. There are no “size of messages” or “total” size of messages revealed to user so that the user can decide to either delete or not
  12. There are no “clear all” option for past messages in a single button

Overall, this app is merging the gap between text messages & voice recording which is a great effort! I believe with further future enhancement this app can go far with it’s voice messaging services…but they have to keep the voice quality consistently good in order to get widespread usage. (Means more investment in server/bandwidth?)

If this app get overwhelmed too quickly with users, it might suffer premature disruption in quality of services but I believe the developer are there to worry about this and may make necessary test to keep it afloat for as long as possible.

I do recommend this app to everyone as it is FREE but I am not sure for how long. Get it while it’s still Free! 😀

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Category: Social Networking
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: Green Tomato Limited

Price for iPhone: Free (As of: February 20, 2011 Report)
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