All-in Pedometer for iPhone and iPod Touch by Viaden Mobile

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Date: September 15, 2010 Review by: Viaden Mobile


Looking for something to help you lose weight and get in shape? Want to measure your daily exercise activities and know how many calories your burn per day? Or maybe you want to count your steps and the distance you have walked or jogged? All of these are now easily possible with just one iPhone/iPod Touch application – All-In Pedometer.

All-In Pedometer will work as you walk, run, jog, do your treadmill or stepper machine exercises. The special algorithm used in hardware pedometers is integrated in the application and makes sure you get the most precise data about any kind of activity. It will automatically identify whether you are running, walking or jogging and save this information in progress reports.

All-In Pedometer counts your steps, monitors the distance you have covered, the time you have spent jogging or walking, as well as your speed and pace at the moment, average speed and how many calories you have burnt. All your activities are accurately stored in the memory. You can view reports of progress over any period of time and in any parameters.

All-In Pedometer monitors your shape. You can easily submit your parameters in body tracker and see how quickly you lose weight and what activities are the most efficient in the process. Nothing but your body can give you a better hint on how to lose weight and keep fit. All-In Pedometer just helps you to understand your body. The program is exceptionally user-friendly thanks to its convenient and easy-to-understand chart design.

Bored of running alone in silence? Not a problem anymore! All-In Pedometer allows you to listen to the music in either way you want – using your iPod playlist or an independent playlist, which can be created directly in the All-In Pedometer.

Our application allows setting a variety of objectives – All-In Pedometer will make sure you do all you have planned. This may be a daily goal like burning 500 calories or a short-term objective such as running 5 km. For short-term objectives, your pedometer will gently notify you when you reach your goal.

To make it even more convenient for you to scan through and analyze the Pedometer data, there is an option that makes it possible not only to view the information on your iPhone/iPod Touch but also send it to your e-mail where you can import it into Excel or Numbers, or submit your lap or day results to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

All-In Fitness Pedometer takes care of your every step and will warn you if you accidentally turn it off or lock it and it is unable to count steps. Also, do not worry if you have to receive a call during your walk or workout – the program will resume its work so that not a single step is lost!

All-In Pedometer is an indispensable gadget for people who want to see their progress here and now. It will enliven your fitness routine with some new challenges for a better performance and greater sense of achievement.

Category: Health & Fitness
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: September 15, 2010 Report)
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