Looking for World Cup Pubs? There's an app for that!

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Date: June 19, 2010 Review by: jaimedrinksin

Drinksin World Cup Pubs Footy Pubs 2010 Football Watch Live
Drinksin's Footy Pubs 2010 App, finding you Pubs to watch the World Cup this summer
Drinksin’s latest Nokia and iPhone applications help you plan where to watch the World Cup, by leading you directly to pubs nearby showing matches nearby.

How Footy Pubs 2010 works:

1 – Open the app and hit matches nearby
2 – View a list of pubs just around the corner showing World Cup matches that day

If planning ahead:
1 – Select Match Planner
2 – Pick your city/town
3 – Select the match you want to watch
4 – Discover pubs to visit to watch your favourite nation play.

The applications developed by Drinksin, work anywhere in the UK to bring you bang up-to-date World Cup match information and amazing money saving deals from pubs and bars across the country.

100’s of Pubs and Bars are being added daily to the application to ensure you have the best World Cup pub information available in time for Kick Off!

Tap the Matches Nearby button, which uses GPS to locate you, for instant access to a list of glorious pubs showing the game just around the corner from where you’re stood.

Once you’ve found a pub you like, hit directions, follow the arrows, arrive at destination and order your pint!

Oh, and if you want to let your friends know where you are but are keen not to take your eye off the ball, use the app’s in-built share features and automatically post a ‘meet me here’ message with your location into Twitter & Facebook so your friends know where to come and join you in the World Cup fun.

+ Uses GPS to find a pub or bar showing the match you want to see near your location
+ Search and browse pubs and bars with matches showing & World Cup offers
+ Tell your friends where you’ll be watching the match via Twitter & Facebook
+ Use directions to easily find the nearest World Cup pub showing the match you want to see

When you next need to find a World Cup pub, don’t waste time wondering the streets trying to find somewhere, download Footy Pubs 2010 for Free: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/footy-pubs-2010/id371654281?mt=8

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