In order for the rest of the world to understand my videos, I hope to reach out for volunteer that can help bring translated subtitles to the videos for clash of clans and other review videos that you like to the rest of the world.

Currently, the automatic subtitles by google is unable to translate everything that I had said accurately into proper English and every single one of them need to be corrected manually which is very time consuming.

I know many viewers wanted to share the videos to the rest of the world too and have the ability to help.

The good thing is the automatic subtitles does have good timing on each sentence.

I’m going to put all the “automatic” captions subtitles here for the past 27 episodes available here for you to download.

And if you can translate the text to a language you know and send it to me via gmail, more people can enjoy the videos in corrected English and in their native languages and more!

What I can offer in return is your name & website link in the descriptions of that video as a way to thank you for your effort in helping out to make the subtitles.

For clash of clans players, I can offer to make a video to promote your clan(s) to help you out in getting members to join.

Remember to put the language you had translated the subtitles, your name and website (if any) in the email.

Click DOWNLOAD and get the zip files of all the text files of the pass episodes.