Touch LCD – Designer Speaking Clock

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Date: July 18, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Light Pillar

Touch LCD - Designer Speaking Clock - Light Pillar

A beautiful LCD themed clock designed specifically for iPad & iPhone, packed with features to ensure you never need another clock app. This is the clock app that I like very much.

Feature List Overview:

● Spoken time, chime and alarms
● Full HD iPad support
● 3 configurable interactive panels
● Comprehensive alarm and snooze features
● Beautiful LCD theme with 5 color schemes
● Convenient world time features
● All device orientations fully supported
● Handy night mode feature

Speaking Clock Can Speak Time:

● When the screen is touched
● Each time an alarm sounds
● At a chime interval
● In simple, elegant and military styles

Alarm / Snooze Features:

● Unlimited alarms
● Each alarm can be named and customized
● Snooze an alarm with the proximity sensor
● Be alerted of the time with spoken alarms
● Limit the amount of time you can snooze
● Optional simple wake-up test (no maths)
● Set the volume for each alarm
● System settings do not affect alarm volume
● Alarms sound even if device is locked
● Wake to music from your iPod
● Choose ordered or shuffled playlists
● Set which days your alarms will repeat on

World Time Features:

● Specify an alternate time zone
● Quickly switch between active time zones
● Alarms sound for the active time zone
● Dual time zone display

Detailed Feature List:

● Inverted colors available in night mode
● Dimmer to reduce glare at night
● Chimes can be disabled in night mode
● Optimized to minimize battery usage
● Can disable the device auto lock feature
● Stopwatch accurate to 100th second
● Stopwatch runs when app is closed
● Countdown timer
● Supports iPod touch internal speaker
● Gorgeous large clock display on iPad

Touch LCD – Designer Speaking Clock – Light Pillar – For iPhone
Touch LCD – Designer Speaking Clock – Light Pillar – For iPad

Touch LCD - Designer Speaking Clock - Light Pillar

Category: Utilities
Type: Universal App
Seller: Light Pillar

Price for iPhone: $1.99 (As of: July 18, 2010 Report)

Price for iPad: $1.99 (As of: July 18, 2010 Report)

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