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Date: September 11, 2010 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: Zecter Inc

Video Streaming

Streams video of any format (mp4, avi, mkv, divx, rm, and more). No conversion necessary. Video can be streamed over any connection, even 3G.

Take Your Music

No more syncing music to your phone. ZumoCast streams your entire music collection to you with a familiar interface. It even supports your iTunes playlists.

Optimized for Mobile

ZumoCast is designed for your mobile devices. The iOS app adapts media to work with any connection. It also lets you download media to the device for offline access.

Your Personal Cloud

ZumoCast turns your computers into a personal cloud, enabling you to access all of your files and media without having to upload. Now you have access to all your content with zero effort.

Here’s comes the review.

I just started using it via WIFI & 3G and the playing music is snappy after a delay in buffering, video may take a longer time to buffer but plays well after buffered.

Video quality goes down when you are streaming via 3G but still watchable just more like youtube quality instead.

  1. How I wish I can set up a file or a folder to be shared to my friends, if there is a way to use this like drop box it will BE A POWERFUL APP! Imagine sharing 2 TB of hard disk worth of photos, videos, music, documents, PDF, work and more!
  2. Obviously all the files downloaded can only be accessed via Zumocast app, if possible can export to iTunes itunes folder will be perfect!
  3. This is clearly better than iTunes sync, I wish Apple can buy Zumocast & make it their standard WIFI Sync system!

This app opens up the whole data of my hard disk to me via my iPhone 4 & iPad 3G and I am able to get ANY files from my mac mini at home anytime anywhere when connected to 3G or WIFI internet connection! ^_^

This is way more cooler than AirVideo and the user interface is so much more cleaner in both iPhone & iPad version! 😀

I highly recommend everyone to download it while it’s STILL FREE!

Sign up an account here NOW!

I think temporary this application is not in the iTunes and here’s why.

Note: It seems that this app had been temporary suspended distribution for now and they are working hard to get it back as soon as possible

Category: Utilities
Seller: Zecter Inc

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