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Date: April 2, 2011 Review by: Simon Tay

Seller: MYW Productions © 2010-2011 Apalon

Can you slice through the air with the steadfast determination of a jet pilot?

Find out if you have the reflexes and skill to make it around the world and beyond with the all new flight simulator “Aeroflick”.

Aeroflick will take you on a journey through time and space as the pilot of your very own paper airplane. This is no ordinary paper airplane, and you are no ordinary pilot. In this adventure you will venture through various obstacles and landscapes unlocking achievements and setting records. Only the very best of you will make it beyond the stratosphere and into the great unknown.


  1. Bring back fond memories of my school days when I fold different types of paper planes and throw as far as possible
  2. It’s addictive with nice music


  1. There’s a lack of information or instructions on how to beat the level making this game almost like a trial & error type of game
  2. Does any of the iPhone sensor affect the plane? Does accelerometer or gyro affect it’s motion? I have no idea
  3. It seems the movement of the planes will be affected by speed, angle, air vent and mostly luck
  4. After a hundredth (or felt like it) throw, this game became repetitive and don’t have any kind of “enlightenment” feel or any “knowledge” or “skill” gained.
  5. Either you suck or you almost beat the world record…that’s my feeling now HAHA

Overall, this game seems to be just a way to elevate the emotion of players to a point where I think it’s almost possible to beat the world record yet just a few feet away!! It seems to me I don’t even know WHY the paper plane fly so far away…hmmm

My suggestions to the developer are

  1. find a way to make the game to depends on skill instead of luck, like a finger gesture, accelerometer or gyro to navigate the plane orientation towards the next air vent
  2. Upgrade to the plane with your imagination, it can be anything from a paper clip propeller to larger wings or anything you can think of
  3. Some kind of sign to show where are the air vent at the bottom so that can prepare to fly towards the air vent for “boost”
  4. Maybe a mode to see the plane flying from top down
  5. A video tutorial on how to fold a paper plane of various models

Overall the graphics is very polish but the game play need to remove the luck element into actual game skills so that gamers will feel the sense of achievement instead of just bad luck. 😀

Category: Games, Flying
Type: iPhone/iPodTouch Only
Seller: MYW Productions © 2010-2011 Apalon

Price for iPhone: $0.99 (As of: April 2, 2011 Report)
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